We've donated £2500 to local groups to help care for the environment

Bolton Green Umbrella

Bolton Green Umbrella was formed in August 2016 when a small number of like-minded people talked about how encouraging and motivating it was that we had at last discovered each others’ existence.

For years each of us had been despairing of the deterioration we saw in our town; the loss of the pride in one’s own community that used to exist.

That’s the spirit we want to recover in our town.

Bolton Green Umbrella

Quote LeftOur mission is to act as an umbrella organisation which recognises and supports volunteer and community groups who look after the environment in Bolton.Quote Right

Our Work

We seek out groups and like-minded individuals to form a network that promotes our aim of making Bolton a cleaner and greener town for all its residents. We work together to restore pride in our town, and take responsibility for our own back yard.

We also work to commit local organisations and businesses to care for and maintain the area around their premises, volunteer their time and/or resources to a local volunteer group or project.

Local Groups

We aim to promote, support and encourage local volunteer groups and individuals who work to improve their environment. To view local groups, please see our local groups page. If you are involved with a local group, please consider adding your details to this site.


We ask local organisations and businesses to commit to caring for the environment around their places of business, and supporting local voluntary activities. To view local organisations, please see our organisations page. If you are involved with a local organisation or business, please consider adding your details to this site.

The Pledge

Many organisations commit to looking after the environment by taking our pledge. For more details about the organisations and the pledge, please see our organisations page.

Ready to Make a Difference?


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In Bloom Group


Forest School

Latest Addition

Friends of Eatock Lodge

Formed in 2010, Friends of Eatock Lodge is a group of local residents getting together to secure improvements around the lodge, promoting its use for leisure and education, whilst engaging in events and activities from Litter Picking and bird song walks to Family Fundays.

It works with both the Council and third parties to improve the amenity of this former colliery site, and now Local Nature Reserve nestling in an urban setting, ensuring it is maintained and sees occasional investment, which will benefit the local community and encourage its use.

Key Objectives:
* Maintain the sites access, public use and status as an SBI (Site of Biological Importance).
* Raise awareness of Eatock Lodge as a local resource, and increase local knowledge of its wildlife and history.
* Improve the site for wildlife value and public use.

Friends of Eatock Lodge is a founding member group of Westhoughton Community Network (Westhoughton.net).

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Next Event

BCV Wildfest

Bolton Conservation Volunteers - Public Event

BCV's 2nd Wildfest event has been pencilled in for Sunday 25th August. Last year's event was a massive success and this year we hope it will be even bigger. We'll have hurdle and den making, pond dipping, bug hunts to name just a few fun nature and wildlife themed activities.

The event is FREE and open to everyone, no need to book a place. More details will appear here as things develop.

For details of other BCV task days visit our Events Calendar page on our website at www.boltonconservation.org.uk

Our Aims and Objectives

We aim to show volunteers that they are not alone; they are part of something much bigger.

We aim to encourage groups and volunteers to continue their fantastic work.

We aim to acknowledge local groups and volunteers fantastic contribution to our town.

We aim to enable mutual support between groups.

We aim to enable the sharing of ideas and resources.

We aim to give the volunteer body more influence upon Bolton Council, local businesses and organisations.

We aim to provide support and guidance for funding applications.

We aim to offer access to training for volunteers.

We aim to provide advice and support to individuals and fledging groups.

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