The Wildlife Buzz! Awards - broadcast LIVE from Smithills Estate!

Woodland Trust Volunteers Saturday 15 August 2020
In 7 days

Which natural species are “trending?” at Smithills Estate? Find out and meet the award-winners!

A unique family-friendly virtual perfromance hosted by the Woodland Trust and Rusticus. Join us to discover who are the insect influencers, which bird has the most buzz and which mammal is the people's choice in our glamorous awards ceremony! Have an animal celebrity encounter, and hear what they really think!

You'll get a chance to consult with Woodland Trust experts, and have an audience with some truly amazing animals in this fun and engaging event for all ages.

If you're interested follow this link to buy your tickets now:

Saturday 15 August 2020

11:00 - 12:00

Zoom Bolton,

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About Woodland Trust Volunteers

The Woodland Trust is a UK wide organisation but in Bolton we are based in Smithills Hall in North Bolton and The Woodland Trust land, known as Smithills Estate, stretches all the way from the hall up to the mast at Winter Hill! We have a wide range of activities throughout the year that we would love you to be invloved with. These include a series of walks such as Foraging Walks, Photography Walks, History Walks and a wide variety of volunteering opportunities from Education Volunteers to Practical Group Leaders! We also have a range of other events such as a twice yearly mass tree planting event which we welcome everyone to attend. Please get in touch to find out more informaiton.

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