Manchester Festival of Nature

Bolton & Bury Swifts Sunday 27 June 2021
In 65 days

A free celebration of nature, with all involved in conservation in Greater Manchester. Lot's to see, do and learn, everyone welcome.

Bolton and Bury Swifts will be there in conjunction with the RSPB, offering free activities. Also a chance to look at Swift boxes, the best artificial House Martin bowls, learn how to attract these brilliant birds and test your knowledge of them!

Sunday 27 June 2021

10:00 - 15:00

Heaton Park Manchester, M25 2SW

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About Bolton & Bury Swifts

We are a Conservation project trying to reverse the decline of urban birds especially Swifts & House Martins. These special birds are entirely dependent on buildings for their nest space, they brighten and enhance our summer skies, control insects for us and put on the most amazing aerial displays. We make and help install Swift boxes locally, offer boxes for sale and donate boxes to schools. Our talk "A Swift recovery?" has had great feedback from both youth and adult groups.

Lots more details can be found on our Facebook, Twitter and You Tube the excellent websites we take advice from; and the RSPB- help us help swifts.

If you would like to help Swifts and House Martins or just find out more about what we do give us a call! Louise 07557796508

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