UOB Ploggers

We believe that we can bring about social change to create a littre-free environment until it becomes a habit nurturing a healthy generation. Plogging's activity effects is twofold.

It encourages people to exercise and keep fit while raising our awareness towards the environment to par. Through plogging and teaming up with similar environmental initiatives we want to keep on raising awareness by doing the cleaning ourselves because it is our responsibility before anyone else. And whether it is someone else's garbage or not, one should not be fooled - if I trash my spot, its trashing someone else's because we share one environment.

UOB Ploggers is a family of friends and students grouped by self-motivation and passion sharing common values and beliefs that treasure the environment, prioritising it every step of the way. By adding purpose to our running habit we found out that we are running much more and we are enjoying it. Running is more fun now while collecting trash because we are making sure not to leave any trace behind us and making our environment a better place too.

We plog every Saturday at 1 pm for two hours around Victoria Square. Follow us our twitter account: @UobSociety and send us an email for further assistance or to join our green activity!

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Hassan Aqeeli



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