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Bolton's rivers are steeped in history, heritage and nature.

Unfortunately due to a small minority of mindless individuals, they have also become a dumping ground for litter and fly-tipping.

We would like give Bolton's rivers back to nature. The River Croal is a 10 mile stretch of water running through the middle of Bolton, starting at Middle brook and running eastwards through the town centre, eventually running into the river Irwell in Kearsley. It's name originates from "Croh" and "Wella" meaning winding stream. Along the way it is joined by The River Tonge, Bradshaw Brook, Astley Brook and Eagley Brook.

Wouldn't it be great to allow all of Bolton's waterways to return to winding streams, instead of an environment to dispose of one's rubbish?

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Janine Pascoe


by Bolton Rivers Clean Up | Monday 02 March 2020 | 0 Comments
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This is an update on recycling opportunites around Bolton...
Last week Turton School collected and sent off over 40kg of used pens and over 1500 empty crisp packets to Terracycle for recycling.

Much of this has been collected from individuals, organisations or groups of people and dropped off at the school. The school gets points which are converted to charitable donations. 
There are many places around Bolton that collect hard to recycle plastic packaging as part of th More.....

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by Bolton Rivers Clean Up | Tuesday 03 December 2019 | 0 Comments
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Brilliant job on Sunday, 24th December.
Volunteers collected over 120 bags of rubbish from a short stretch of embankment on the River Croal near Queen's Park. Two weeks ago we collected 330 bags from an adjacent stretch of embankment.

The plan is to come back every 2 weeks until the whole embankment has been cleaned up; it is so bad here that this could easily take another 10 visits.... (at a rough guess)

Bolton Councillors More.....

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