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We are "Bridge Street Conservation Group" a new group of like minded local residents who have a love of nature and a willingness to get stuck in to help to conserve and improve our local nature reserve for the benefit of the wildlife that live there and to increase opportunities for nature lovers to enjoy getting close to wildlife in their natural habitat. We are doing this with the support of Bolton Council's Greenspace Department.

Aims of the project
Although the works that were initially carried out to create the ponds, wetland areas and pathways have transformed the reserve, little has changed by way of biodiversity. Himalayan balsam is 'taking over the world' it seems, and has been on the increase in the reserve. This is one of the areas we are actively tackling, as its size and spread is preventing native wildflowers from growing.

Our long term aim is to improve biodiversity in the reserve, and we have already made a start on this by increasing the number and type of flora in the reserve. Increasing the biodiversity of the flora will attract more insect life, such as bees, damselflies, dragonflies, butterflies and moths. More insects will in turn attract, and provide food for newts, frogs and birds. We also aim to increase local awareness of the reserve and to give people the opportunity to get involved in the improvements.

In the short term, we aim to provide more in the way of natural food eg fruiting bushes, nectar rich flowers and flowering bushes as well as feeding stations for the birds. We also aim to provide more shelter for wildlife, with log piles, multi storied amphibian/insect habitats, and nesting boxes for birds.

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