Swan Watch Stoneclough

Group Logo A group of volunteers set up to guard nesting swans on the Prestolee to Ringley Canal. This was in response to youths throwing bricks at the swan whilst she was sitting on her clutch of 6 eggs. Sadly 3 were smashed and locals decided to set up 'swan watch' where we guard the swans from 8am until 10.30pm in half hour stints. This has highlighted a need to educate people visiting the area (and the swans) on feeding / keeping a safe distance etc. We want to get our message across with signs and leaflets but in the longer term would like to offer educational information on the other wildlife in our area. We have teamed up with other local groups and once we have completed our initial mission of protecting the swans and their eggs (there are only now 2 left) we will focus on promoting this stretch of the canal. There will be frequent litter picks, information points, wildlife cameras and involvement from local school children, Brownie and Scout groups. We have had some signs donated and now need further funding to install 5 wildlife cameras. we believe that education is key here and getting youngsters interested and involved could help towards longer term protection. We have purchased our 1st camera at a cost of 83 and are looking to some funding towards the other 4. Thank you.

Contact Details

Julie Boydell

07446 001023



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