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Seven Acres Men in Sheds | Sunday 25 October 2020 | 0 Comments

The grant received from Bolton Green Umbrella has been used to support a range of projects, including the much-needed bench pictured.
This was needed to replace one that was sadly vandalised.... 

When were founded in 2014 we were simply call Bolton Men in Sheds. Then
other groups were set up by Bolton at Home, with very similar sounding
names. So, to avoid any ambiguity we adopted a Constitution, opened a bank account
and became Seven Acres Men in Sheds.

I have many photographs showing the work that we do and there are lots of
comments from the Men saying what a life-saver men-in-sheds has become for

My favourite photograph, of the ones attached, is the one where we’re
sitting at the tables in Moss Bank Café. We were commissioned to make TEN
tables for the café and they kindly treated us all to a free meal!!

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