Swift week! Saving the Sound of Summer

Bolton & Bury Swifts | Friday 14 June 2019 | 0 Comments

In 2018, Britain & Ireland were the first countries in the world to dedicate a national week in support of Swifts. In 2019 it will run from 22 - 30 June. Swifts and other birds are having a hard time at the moment with the unseasonal cold and wet May and June affecting their breeding success. Swift colonies in Bolton are also declining due to roof renovations blocking their access to their nest sites. Swifts are amazing aerial acrobats and warm evenings see their best displays, they are 100% faithful to their partners and to their nest site! Why not join us on our Swift walk on Thursday 27th June, details are on our Event page. Or if you would like to buy a Swift box from a local conservation group - get in touch! Louise 07557796508.

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