Love Stoneclough Action Group

We are small group of like minded individuals who care about our community and local environment and as such undertake various tasks which we hope will enhance our neighborhood.

We feel that improving the appearance of our local area we help to instil a sense of pride. As well as litter picking on a regular basis we have informally adopted small piece of ground which we have cleared nettles, brambles and other weeds and planted with shrubs, perennial plats, bulbs and annuals (in summer months). Currently we are clearing, tidying and planting a small piece of land on Stoneclough road which we call 'the square'. This time last year it was just a weed infested piece of grass; surrounded by rubbish strewn path, surround by tree with an understorey of dense undergrowth. Over several months we have trimmed back the trees, cleared the weeds, dug out parts of the undergrowth and have planted shrubs, perennials and hundreds of bulbs for next spring. We acquired a bench which is sited adjacent to the road which is well used by people walking up and down Stoneclough road. We have also filled planters, tubs and troughs around Stoneclough area, pruned trees and shrubs to improve the accessibility along footpaths and pavements, cut back ivy from wall and fences where rubbish used to accumulate.

We keep Kearsley roundabout (at end of St Peters way) tidy, litter picking, putting out bags for rubbish '(Green Umbrella bags). We sweep the steps, ramps and tunnels frequently to keep the free from broken glass and rubbish. Recently we have been removing weeds from the edges of the roundabout and footpaths. The tunnels and walls have been painted by local schools with murals, however, they have become dirty and overpainted with graffiti. We would love to be able to see them cleaned and fresh.

We are constantly looking forward to our next small project and are gradually making Stoneclough a nicer place to live.

We meet Weekly on Sundays between 10:00 and 13:00.
For information about our next event, please contact us

Contact Details

Kathryn Green

01204 708038

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