Ladybridge Primary School: Eco Council and Community Collaborators

Our Eco Council is very proud of their school, grounds, garden and wildlife areas, but are are always striving to make improvements and see how they can maximise the school's resources, and look after our 'world', and local community.

Members of the Eco Council get together weekly, to discuss ideas and initiatives put forward by pupils, teachers and council members themselves.

Examples of initiatives the council has introduced include:

Recycling waste in school
The Eco Team have introduced re-cycling bins in the classrooms. Now every classroom, the offices, and staffroom, all have green re-cycling bins, so any waste paper is put into the right place straight away.

Plastic bottle greenhouse
Our Eco Council undertook the huge task of building their own plastic bottle greenhouse. This was not an easy job, as over 1,500 2 litre bottles had to be gathered, washed and prepared for the build. The Eco Team are planning to grow vegetables and flowers, in their greenhouse.

In school, we have recently set up a Community Collaborators group, too. This group, will work alongside the Eco Team to help our local community.

We would love to work with other groups in our community, to help make Bolton a cleaner and greener town!

We have lots of ideas, and plans for the upcoming year!

We meet Weekly on Mondays between 12.00 and 1.00.
For information about our next event, please contact us

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