Pebble painting for Longsight Park

Friends of Longsight Park | Monday 02 July 2018 | 0 Comments

Here is a story of how a single person can really make a difference, with a lovely innovative idea. Jane H lives in Harwood, and is a very active "lone picker" member of The Litter Pickers of North Bolton. She and several other Harwood residents have regular litter picking routes around Harwood which keep this lovely area largely free of litter.

But that's not the end of Jane's talents and commitment to her community. She is a talented amateur artist and for several months she has been painting pebbles and hiding them around Longsight Park so that children could have the fun of finding them, and then often hiding them again for someone else to find. She then thought that, as the paintings were of flowers it would be a great way to connect with Friends of Longsight Park to improve flower beds by selling them to boost funds. She had a Saturday morning sale near the flower beds in the park, and also posted on Harwood and Bradshaw FB page and members contacted her to buy. Also, Lorraine from Relish Cafe on Deakins Park let her display them for sale there. Jane has now raised 100 for the park, a brilliant effort for which the Friends, and those who use and love the park are very grateful.

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